How to get the best rate for helicopters in the Philippines?

If you want to know the cost of renting a helicopter or a plane in the Philippines, Manila Helicopter Tours can provide you a quotation free of charge.

What is in a quotation?

In a quotation, you can see the estimated travel time and its costs. You can also see other expenses such as the costs per cycle of take-off and landing, the hourly rate for ground waiting time, remain overnight costs, fuel mobilization costs, pilot and crew accommodations and meals for overnight flights. These quotations are costs estimates only and the actual costs is based on the actual flying time and actual expenses incurred on the duration of the flight operations.

How to get the best value in a quotation for chartered aircraft?

By providing relevant information such as pick up point, destinations and way points, a flight plan can be plotted fitting the air restrictions of each area. Each area has their own unique traffic and helicopters and planes must fly within the altitude, speed and direction assigned to them. The number of passengers, luggage and cargo weight, dictates which aircraft is capable of performing the flight. An itinerary of activities aides Flight Operations and Pilots in making sure that the aircraft will be able to perform its objectives on the time expected by the client. A well planned flight plan and efficient fuel management can reduce costs and increase safety margins.

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